Precision Pilates is such a nurturing learning space where diversity is celebrated and classes are tailored to everyone’s needs. I have felt so at home since nervously walking through the doors and love the energy and ethos of the studio. Emily’s teaching style has really helped me to grasp the fundamentals of Pilates and enhance my practice. Every class brings a different layer of technique and Emily really inspires and empowers you to be the BEST that you can be! So many different elements are woven into her classes, I always leave smiling and in awe of the vast pool of knowledge that she has. I am so excited to be taking class here and feel very lucky to have found Precision Pilates Playa! A successful student of the Balanced Body teacher training course! She now teaches regularly at Precision Pilates Playa.

Kerry-Anne Quinn Karlsson

Tengo muchos años de hacer Pilates, un dia Emily me motivo a tomar sus cursos y llevar mis conocimientos a otro nivel y solo puedo decir que fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado en mi vida! Aprendi muchisimo y he crecido como instructora a raiz de sus conocimientos que ha compartido conmigo. Es una fantastica instructora y maestra, siempre con una sonrisa y paciencia para enseñar. Estoy muy satisfecha con los cursos y los recomiendo a cualquier persona. Gracias Emily por tu dedicacion y por todo lo que he aprendido de ti, fue un paso grande en mi vida y ahora puedo decir que encontre mi vocacion. Estoy emocionada por empezar el siguiente curso!

Marcela Gonzalez

Three words: SHAPE UP FAST! I’ve always been a traditional gym-goer, running, cardio, free weights, etc. THEN I went to one of Emily’s Pilates classes….and it KICKED MY BUTT! In a good way of course. Before her classes, I had only used the Pilates’ reformer when I was in physical therapy for hip injury rehabilitation. The physical therapist had me on the reformer three times a week for over 6 months. There is a reason for that! He told me it’s because Pilates exercises can be modified to fit every person at every fitness level from basic to advanced and remain an extremely effective form of exercise/injury prevention and rehabilitation. Afterwards, I added Pilates into my regular fitness routine and boy did I see the results! There are no words to explain. Let your mirror do the talking! THANKS EMILY! And I highly recommend classes at Precision Pilates Playa!

Dena DaSilva

Emily is the perfect Pilates Trainer. She is mindful of my individual needs and takes into consideration my age and physical abilities enhancing my private training experience. Emily is always on top of the latest nutrition and health news. I look forward to working out with her in her new Pilates studio! If you haven’t yet tried Pilates…Precision Pilates Playa is a must!!!

Hope Olsen

Tus clases son excelentes, he tomado más conciencia de mi cuerpo y mi postura, me siento más alineada y más fuerte, gracias por tu paciencia y tu alegria.

Leonor Ortiz

I encourage everyone to sign up even if you are a dedicated yogi like me. I have noticed my yoga practice stronger and more balanced since I started taking classes at Precision Pilates Playa about 6 months ago. They are all experienced and gifted instructors and the classes are FUN. I highly recommend this studio! See you there!

Elizabeth Gregg

Emily´s pilates classes far surpass any others I have taken! Her demonstrations and explanations are clear, precise and motivational. It is obvious, Emily has a deep knowledge of and passion for pilates. As a true professional, Emily ALWAYS helps each and every student as she circulates around the studio. Emily is always motivating and helping her students to breath correctly, hold abdominal muscles in, tension when extending feet and arms, aligning hips and shoulders and much more. Emily has made me more aware of my muscles, breathing and body. I stand taller (physically and figuratively) after all of her classes. Thank you Emily for being an exceptional and inspirational pilates instructor.

Cathy Miller-Davis

Emily’s personality makes you want to come to class every week. She makes the class fun yet somehow leaves you sweating. She is a wonderful teacher, is easy to follow and flows from one exercise to the next. Always doing new and different exercises and knows when you need to kick it up a notch. I wish she was still my pilates teacher. I miss you Emily, come back to Chicago soon!

Tina Khouchaba

Emily is an excellent instructor and, even in a group setting, will focus a workout based on each individual’s needs and abilities. Emily blended pilates advanced exercises with yoga fundamentals in her classes that results in increased strength and tone. She has a deep understanding of nutrition that complements her classes. Her positive attitude and energy is contagious. She makes working out FUN!

Kim Ostman

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